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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Episode 3! Condoms & Finger Bangs

Featuring Special Guests Lucas Taylor and Beija Georges, produced by Winner. In which i mispronounce someone's pun-laden name as Condominium instead of Condominimum, and talk for a really long time.


Nathan Backous said...

wtf, just use the fucking condoms. Get the weirdo "flavored" ones that mask the smell/taste of the latex (or the spermicide, if thats what you're smelling/tasting). Or try the fancy polyurethane ones.

If you're relying on free condoms, you probably won't get these boutique choices. These high-end rubbers aren't handed out by the garbagebagful at Planned Parenthood you know. Well, sometimes you can get some flavored ones, but not always. If you want deluxe "safer sex", you'll have to pay for it. Its worth it. Its like fucking in a Cadillac.

Then, when when you're done, make sure he properly disposes of it. He'll actually have to wrap it up in a cloak of tissue paper or something and put it in a proper garbage can and if he's really cool, he'll make sure that the offending item gets to the outside trash. If he can't manage this simple task, does he really deserve to put his penis in your vagina? Make this a condition before the pants come off.

I personally find the smell of Dial soap to be worse than condom latex. Use some Dr. Bronners ALL-ONE! or something.

Ask Nicole said...

The Cadillac of condoms? Thanks, Nathan Backous!

Anonymous said...

Why is this no longer available! I desperately need this advice, haha.

Jean S said...

Great reading yoour blog