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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Call for Questions!

Hellooooo Out There.

Another school year is upon us, and so your faithful advisor has been laying low and letting you sort out your own sordid details.

Until Now!

A very important question came into my box, and I'm looking for a few more to beef up the column, so please send them in!

Want to know what to do while your roommate's have loud you-know-what?
How's about discussing beard hair left on the sink?
Want to make a pass at your postman ?


I'll be posting responses This Wednesday, January 12th.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i have a question.

i have known a couple of a while. they have been together for longer than i have known them. i have had a vague flirtation with each of them on an off since i've know them and i have developed a crush on them as a couple. i want to ask them out on a date. i have known them to each date openly outside of their partnership, but i am wondering how to approach them as a couple. can i just saddle up to the bar and say, "y'all want to go on a date with me?" or should i approach just one of them with my proposal?


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